The Docks, Paris: "La Cité de la Mode et du Design"

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This april opened a very special place in Paris. Despite its unusual location for a fashion industry spot (see the great green caterpillar hosting the Cité on Austerlitz Docks),  The Cité is made to become the new Beaubourg. Clubs, Lounges (Designed and Managed by Le Barron)  and even "Pétanque" field are expected on its roof! 

In its industrial modern look, the Docks are a place of fashion and creation valorization. The next place to be is also the first multidimensional fashion structure: you can visit, shop, drink and even learn!

Copyright Jakob Mc Farlane, Photographer N.Borel
Copyright Jakob Mc Farlane, Photographer N.Borel
M1 and M3:
In between shop and galery, those two stores are presenting the new french and international trends. Enter those places if you are ready to buy Discovery! 

As you go by the Inspiration and Discovery, let yourself navigate towards two highly conceptual and elegant exhibitions. Feel the Magic of Balenciaga masterpieces and Comme des Garçons strong visual Identity... Those two works of Art are hosted by the Docks and proudly presented to you by Le Musée Galliera .

Cristobal Balenciaga, Collectionneur de Modes

Worldwide influence is mixed with timeless  Elegance and Romantism. Historical designs come and break the sharpness of Docks' Structure. In between Reality from another time and  Movie Scenes... 

 Spanish Inspiration and Warmth opposed to the very industrial design of the Docks...

Historical gown, reminding of Christina Ricci's dresses in Sleepy Hollow 

Romantic Dress

Comme des Garçons White Drama 

I personaly love the fact that every scene is locked into a Bubble, giving the impression to enter a very different world everytime, never affected by what it is surrounded. Sterilized from any external influence, each space provides Concepts and Textures of its own .

Spring Bubble, Flowers and Lacework. 

Ethereal Monarchy Bubble, Leather and Geometric Shapes 

The Coat Bubble, Blurry Silhouettes and Noble Flowers

The Core thanks all the Press Managing team of the Docks, Le Musée Galleria and Pressing 99 for their time, information and all the marvelous pictures they sent, collaborating with the quoted Photographers. 


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