-EAT THIS - 51 years of Magic-

Hey all,

As many people did those last days, we would like to make a tribute for the man who inspired us all at least once in our lives: Michael Jackson. 
And, on The Core, we believe it is better talking of the 51 years he was with us than when he died. 
We may have all different memories concerning how we discovered his music, all of his dance routines and his inimitable style.

For me, I have a clear remember of how I fell in love with his talent. I was 7 and HIStory, the video (yes, no DVD at that time) from the album of the same name. 
On this DVD, you see parts of the show and many video clips, with special appearances such as Mc Caulay Culkin, Eddie Murphy, or Naomi Campbell. And I imagine myself in most of those works of Art... 

Egypt + MJ + Murphy = Perfect Combo

My fav quote: "EAT THIS". 

For some others, Beat it, Thriller or Bad are the songs who made him a legend. But my legend of Michael Jackson started with all the paper kids shapes during HIStory shows....

And even if sometimes i feel a little bid old in this Core, I am happy that I was born soon enough to have a lot to remember about him. 
This article is for all the people who have a memory attached to each of his song. And specially for my little mum, who was a great great fan of this Peter Pan Genius. 

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