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jeudi 6 décembre 2012

Kate Middleton admitted in hospital for ''pregnancy-sickness''

The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted in hospital 3 days ago,due to acute morning sickness.
She is staying at the King Edward VII hospital in London, where her husband,The Duke,joined her later on ,as he was spending the weekend with friends.
But why all this happiness in England? Seems like the news of a young woman who needs extra fluids and nutrition cares make a whole country happy. 

A royal baby on the way?

The couple announced later on, that Kate Middleton was apparently pregnant,which explain the amount of joy reigning in the country. The Duchess wanted to keep this pregnancy secret until she reaches 12 weeks. Unfortunately her journey in hospital kind of rushed the news.

The Core says congrats and wishes the best for the family.

mardi 13 novembre 2012

Win TC's Christmas Gift with Michael Kors

The American designer Michael Kors (MK) opened his 6th store in the UK on the 25th October.
This store is located in Covent Garden, London. Of course The Core couldn't miss the opening, so we rushed over there, had a quick chit-chat with the lovely manager and a friend, in the end i went back home with lovely golden gloves from MK and a tote bag. 
We all agreed that we should keep the enthusiasm a little bit longer. Therefore, we thought it could be a nice idea to team up with MK and give away the tote bag, ''Michael Kors Loves Covent Garden'', to someone that didn't have the chance to attend the opening.  


It is very easy, follow the 3 different steps, and get your bag for Christmas.

1) Log on twitter or your personal blog.

2) Share the link of the blog ( or the post, with the hashtag #MichaelKorsOnTheCore 

3) Post your twitter account or blog in a comment for us to check. 

Important information

 Let's call it an early Christmas gift.
If you are the winner we will personally contact you through your twitter account, or blog in order to have your e-mail address. Once we have your e-mail, we will ask for your home address.
Afterwards you shall receive it within a week. Please keep in mind that the bag is in the United-Kingdom, therefore if you are american, it may take a bit longer.

Your future bag and the magazine.

samedi 10 novembre 2012

Fashion news

The Core should be punished by letting you down for such a long time...but we are overwhelmed to see,that despite the lack of news, you guys keep checking out the blog.

You may know by now that myself, Beny, have a very weird relationship with fashion. It's kind of a love/hate relationship. Anyway, today i am here to update you with what's new in the Fashion industry and what make people talk.

Balenciaga/Ghesquière the end of long story

Nicolas Ghesquière  turned the french house,Balenciaga, into a huge, and respected luxury brand. After 15 years working as the creative director, PPR, which owns the brand, announced the departure of Ghesquière on the 5th of November 2012. Surprising news as it is N.Ghesquière himself that transformed the brand, which was performing quite well during those 15 years. 
Ghesquière would apparently create his own brand in collaboration with LVMH which make people speculate. Why leaving PPR for LVMH? However regarding the name of his successor at Balenciaga, it remains a mystery.

H&M & Maison Martin Margiela

You want to wear big names but your bank account can't keep up? Do not worry, H&M got your back and your credit always. It's been years now that H&M wants to make Luxury affordable (*cough* kind of). And it works, everytime they launch a new collaboration with a famous brand, fashonistas over the world rush to dry out the stores. From Stella McCartney to Jimmy Choo or Lanvin, it's been a success. This year Maison Martin Margiela (MMM) give the chance to all the ''small budget fashion addict'' to wear its atypical collection.
Be prepared ladies, in store on 15th of November!

Gaspard Ulliel plays Yves St Laurent in an up coming movie

Hard to recognise him behind the glasses, but take a closer look. The Chanel's new face is a complete look a like to Yves Saint Laurent.
The french beauty is going to give his face and his acting skills for a film dedicated to YSL. Gaspard Ulliel will be working with the director Bertrand Bonello.

That video is for my lovely ladies, who are as in love with him as i am : Bleu de Chanel,Le Film

Stay tuned: The Core may have a Christmas Gift for you from a famous designer.

lundi 8 octobre 2012

What's hot those days?

Hello everyone!

It's been a while isn't it? The Core's team has been quite busy. Julia, Do and Beny are back to School and having a lot to do, but you may hear about them quite soon...

So What those days have been bringing? What's new, hot, on, in.... Let's see!

Let's talk a bit about the luckiest toddlers in the world!
The little Beckham's girl, Harper Seven, has recently shown that she was ready to go after her mom in fashion. Wearing Chloe or Little Marc Jacobs, the little girl even has her own bag; Victoria created "The Harper" bag.

During the Paris Fashion week, another little girl got quite lucky without even realizing it. Emme, Jennifer Lopez' daughter, attended, at only 4 years old, the Chanel fashion show, front row please, proudly carying her little Chanel bag (and getting a bit bored during the show).

Last but not least, and probably the most lucky of all the boys, Alexander.  After 25 years of love and life sharing, the fashion journalist Richard Buckley and the great designer Tom Ford decided to adopt a little boy.  

If they are ever planing on adopting a little girl, I agree on wearing dresses all my life! 

mercredi 29 août 2012

Will.I.Am keeps his promises!

Hey All!

No need to investigate, with Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am always delivered a message of progress and futuristic music. 
If you remember well, it is even him in the "Imma bee" Video Clip who shows an futuristic electronic singer, that our lovely Fergie cannot stand. 
Their video clips, lyrics and outfits has always shown how they were looking to the future. 

After a collaboration with rising K-Pop stars, Will won the greatest challenge of Music Industry: being the first. 
Covers, Remix and plagiarism became more than daily concerning Creation Process. Here comes the day of Inovation. 
Will's song "Reach the Stars", especialy recorded with a 50 people Orchestra is the first song ever played... On Mars! 

Magical Things still can happen!

jeudi 23 août 2012

MTV Video Music Awards-VMAS 2012

Since 1984, the youth's favourite music channel, best known as MTV broadcasts the Video Music Awards. This year, the VMAS will be hold in Los Angeles on the 6th September 2012 and hosted by the comedian Kevin Hart.
The different categories are already set and so are the nominees. It is now up to you to vote for your favourite artist or band.

The VMAS fall down into 15 different categories. The Core expects a very tight battle between the Beliebers and the Directioners in the Best Pop Video, so Ladies be prepared. And why not a throw of bottles between Drake and Chris Brown in the Best Male Video.

Which brings us to Rihanna and Drake kicking ass with 6 and 5 nominations respectively and based on Robert Pattinson's prognostic RiRi is likely to win the Video of the year.
But what about Lady Gaga? Seems like the new queen of pop has been forgotten...

From the fashion side of the event we expect our eccenctric fashion icons such as Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj to surprise us,the glamour of Beyonce and why not to spot Jelena(Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) showing their love again and again.

Oh and how could i forget about the hottest couple right now(after Beyonce and Jay Z lets be honest): Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Check this video announcement

Now guys it is up to you, so rock the vote!


dimanche 12 août 2012

New in- IS IT HER.

Hi all! 

In order to improve the quality of my recordings, I lately bought a new micrphone and sound card. As I went through the microphones, I decided to buy a Rode Pack, including microphone, anti pop filter and so on... 

They were kind enough to provide a DVD including all the techniques you could use to record with this microphone, creating very intimate or rocky effects. 

This is how I discovered Mitchell Thompson singing "Tasted"  from his australian band called "Is it her". 
I immediatly came to them cause this song was really great, some Placebo influences in it. 
After some mailing with Damien Smith, the bassist of the band, he answered a few questions for us, talking about the way the met and decided to get seriously involved in their music! 

Is it her:  Liam, Damien, Mitchell and Tim, by Raaw Photography

How/When did you meet? 
mitch and i grew up together, our mums were friends so we were always hanging out. Mitch met liam our drummer at school.  
When did you decide to create an "official" band? 
Mitch and lima would jam in music class and they gradually started taking it more and more seriously and started up a band MOLD, which later became is it her.  
How did you choose the name of the band? 
The name was just random, Mitch and liam though it was quirky at the time and we've just kept it.  
How do you deal with the creative process? Does everyone have a special place like "Ok You do the lyrics, 
then I do the instrumental"... 
Mitch will write the crux of our songs and liam and myself will generally just toy with the minor things, just so the song takes on different feels and its not so black and white. 
One of your best moment as a band? 
Favourite moment as a band was playing to 5-600 screaming girls at Brigidine girls school. Was the first time we actually felt like we could have been famous, was nuts.
Live or Studio? 
We love playing live, we have not really had much time in the studio, so we use live shows to really refine our sound and improve as musicians. 
Do you have a dream as a band you did not achieve yet and keep on chasing? 
We're just trying to improve constantly, refine our sound and songs, hopefully one day people will love our songs and will be lining up to buy our records. But that's still a long way away haha.
Which song you wish you had written/composed? 
yes and no, i wish i had written mr brightside by the killers, but i know we would not have done it the justice that the killers have.  
DO you have a special item/thing you do to bring you luck? 
Hmm, not really, I guess, we tend to wear the same sort of things show after show thats about as close as it comes haha.  
What would be your advice for somebody who'd like to start in music?
Um... get together and play with friends, you will become such better musicians from it and you will enjoy it that much more. 

Thank you Damien for all those kind and honest answers! 
You can find some more information about this fabulous band here on their facebook page. You'll also find. Good music and good looking guys, I guess Autralia is always showing how much it has to offer! 

lundi 23 juillet 2012

It's a morph thing!

Hey there!
          I know, it's pretty late here but I felt like sharing some cool and very funny stuff with you dear readers.
 Have you ever wondered how would look The Core if we were just one person? I did. That's why I decided to check out one of my favorite websites again,, in order to morph the four members of TC and make us one!

Yep, that's us. Domien, Beny, Magda and Julia mixed all together! And I must admit that we turned into one beautiful chick! What do you think?

Here are the four pictures I selected to create the morphing above: is very user-friendly. 
You just need to find a good picture of yourself (it's better if you face the camera), upload it, follow the website's instructions to get your face ready to be morphed and there you go... Morph pictures of you and your friends, you and celebrities, celebrities and celebrities, etc. I could spend hours doing it! (wait, that's what I'm actually doing...).

Now and because I had so much fun, I'm going to show you a few morphs that I made and I want you to recognize who's morphed in the pictures. Ready?