Stylistpick Pop up shop/ Grace Woodward Q&A

Here we go again! For the second time i am going to post about Stylistpick. Well if you do not know about , you better first read my previous post: My new way to shop!

If you live in London you may be interested in going to the stylistpick pop up shop at Westfield London, and purchase some of their lovely items. And if you are already a VIP member you can even book one of their VIP events that you may have received in your mail box. However you have to hurry up, the pop up shop is open since the 23th February to the 4th March.

On the 24th, some had the chance to meet Cheryl Cole at the Stylistpick pop up shop, around thousand people have been waiting almost 8hours to have the chance to meet her!

I went to Westfield on Saturday to attend Grace Woodward Q&A VIP session. I first went to visit their store and had the chance to meet Charlotte Adsett.

She is a fashion stylist and works with various celebrities such as Pixie Lott,VV Brown or Kelly Osbourne, she is also a lovely woman and it was very nice to talk to her about fashion,how she get to work for stylispick and her favourite items.

I also bought another bag from the Grace Woodward's selection ......
A must have to me, a very versatil bag.

and went to sit with the other members.

Photo by stylistpick

Grace Woodward is a famous english stylist, she has been a member of  the judges on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and presented Chick Fix. She's also styled celebrities such as  La Roux,Florence and the Machine or even Pharrell Williams.And worked with The Sunday Times Style Magazine, Elle, Flaunt, Harpers Bazaar, Nylon and GQ. 

How not being impress by such a woman? During this hour spent with her , i learnt that Grace believes that fashion rules are done to be broken. She will also encourage you in wearing what you like the most without caring about people's thoughts because what you wear defines you and brings confidence that people can read on you. Her style advice would be to always follow your instinct cause it will guide you. And if you like a specific item, buy it and work around it,until you like it. As Grace said ''It is ok to spend hours with your wadrobe and your mirror''.

In conclusion this is advice i will definitely follow, fashion is fun and will should all enjoy it.

The real Greek

Stylistpick and Grace Woodward gifts

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