"Dicks are more easy on the eyes, right?!"

This evening the opening of Jessica Yatrofsky’s “I heart boy” takes place in A&Gallery in Ghent. She’ll put the naked masculine body in the spotlights to show that the balance in our society leans too heavily to the female nudity, and according to her, our generation MUST fight against this inequality.

She’s an American artist who first gained notoriety for her work on I Heart Boy, a photo blog dedicated to picturing young men in sweetly provocative ways, which was later adapted into a photography monograph.
Jessica Yatrosky:  “My work has the underlying desire to make male nudity more visible in our cultural landscape. Plus: dicks are more easy on the eyes, right?! Our society is always eager to construct and depict the sexuality of women, but actively avoids the sexuality of men, except as voyeurs. Our generation should be challenging these inequalities.”

New York Press spoke of her work as “Sensual and soft, a weirdly incongruous beauty that isn’t masculine in the traditional sense, but unquestionably male.”



  1. This is a really interesting idea. Not sure how I feel about it.

  2. you should add more naked men