-Sales and Contest by Nastygal -

Hey all! 

We could say we don't need any Women's Day, cause when it is sales, it is Women's Week!
For the first time I did the Summer Sales the first day as I was not working or shooting and I felt like a little bird in a Jungle of Lions like, for real.  
And probably like every girl in this world, I bought things that were not on sales! I am right into the Sneakers Madness so I bought the gorgeous Starfly Snake! 

Welcome to the Leather Sleepers! 
As I don't live in a huge city, trends and/or sizes are sometimes not what I 'm looking for, so I am the first to go on the web and look in and there for good deals! 
And today, Nastygal is doing a great combo! Great sales for great savings and the possibility to earn money from a contest on top of that ! 

Nastygal is lauching a Nasty Gals do it better Contest. You will find all the rules and prices (over 1 000 dollars to win!) by clicking on the link on the left of this article! Good luck girls! 


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