Sneakers madness

It has been a while now that designers are giving us, lovely girls, the opportunity and duty to be stylish but comfortable. 
I have to admit that this new trend fits me perfectly as I cannot feel pretty or fine without being at ease. And I am totally not one of those girls who feel good whatever the cloth or fabric they have on!

 The comfortable sensation is highly due to one particular part of your outfit : Shoes. 

A recent poll says that the average amount of shoes owned by a woman is 17 pairs, and only 3 of them are used on a regular basis. 
92% remembered the first shoes they bought while only two in three remember the name of the first person they kissed.
96% regret throwing out a pair of shoes they loved whilst only 15% regretted dumping a boyfriend.
14% of them hide at least one shoe purchase to their husband/boyfriend. 

This is the Shoe reality for girls. And lately, I have been wondering what kind of new shoes I should add to my collection, trying so hard to reach the 17 pairs.
Wedges, platforms, plumps? It feels like, even though they are a must have of the shoesing, we have seen them too much those past months. 
So, following the new trends and comfortable standards, plus keeping in mind that this year, flat shoes are on top, I picked two kinds of hot shoes! 

I. Slippers.
Talk about comfortable.  Based on the french "Charentaises", the trendy slippers are now seen on many celebs and redesigned by the hottest names of the footwear industry. 
Kanye West wearing Stubbs & Wootton's Slippers

Christian Louboutin's design of the trendy Slippers (also available black and studded)
If you like this trend, you can find more affordable designs, The Sam Edelman's Slippers are my favorite! 

II. Sneakers.
This is the big part.  I was a High School Sneaker Girl. Skateboard sneakers. Big comfy sneakers. And it looks like now you can have beautiful legs and adorable shoes at the same time! What more can I possibly ask for? 
We are NOT talking about the wedge converses lookalike that are just horrible. Please, don't buy this, don't do that  to yourself. We are dealing with vintage wedge pieces of Art that can go with any casual or retro outfit!
The most famous of them or, obviously, Isabel Marant's Willow Wegde Sneakers.  It is all about the hidden wedge inside the shoe that make the overall look totally different.

 Ash also launched a collection based on this concept. 
If you have a quick look, you'll also see that Ash made the horrible mistake of creating those horrible Wedge Converses... Argh! 

But my two favorite creations in terms of wedge sneakers are made by Marc Jacobs and Serafini! 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Women Sneakers (seen on the catwalk in different colors)

I don't think they are available yet as quite recent. And may be a "bit" expensive. This is why, looking on the web, I found what are my favourite ones, that are created by the Italian Brande Serafini, The Brooklyn "Touleries" and more recent Manhattan collections. 

Manhattan Collection "Ivory" .

So, my next purchase will probably be the Ivory Manhattan sneakers by Serafini once they will be back on stock.

And you, what kind of Shoe Girl are you? 
That was The Core for the Carrie Bradshaw gone flat moment ! 


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