-Crush and Heartbreak-

Hi all!

Today (or tonight, whatever), I'm playing the gossip part as I had some news here and there that made me think "gosh, 2012 is really the end of the World".


By this, I mean the big bad new Celebz Love Life has ever had to carry: Johnny and Vanessa broke up! 
And for the first time, before feeling happy about the fact that a sex symbol is now single, you feel sad about the perfect couple you always admired! 
Remember this Oprah appearance a few years ago where Johnny Depp said "I saw her getting out of a boat, and I knew it was her, the only one."
Come on John, you messed it up! Yes, Cause Vanessa is too cute to have any responsability in this. Anyway, let's have a visual overview of our favorite ex-couple in the showbusiness! 

He was already not shaving much but now... Gosh we're lost! 

And as Nostalgia always comes with the good song, I wanted to talk a bit about a singer that I heard of a few months ago and who is becoming a real buzz: Birdy. 
I first heard about her in a magazine were she was telling how her dad was insisting on her to graduate before making a second album! 
The first one is a very pure and out of time work of Art. The weaknesses in the voice makes it even more naive and charming. At 16, she is a very natural and strong singer, songwriter and composer. All the best for you! 

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  1. Holy! I had no idea they broke up! Gosh, I'm apparently not on top of it!! And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?
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