The Core meets William Raw

Hi cheekies, 

Today's the day for The Core to introduce you to a growing Berliner Artist: William Raw
I first listened to his music after seeing one of his shootings that I really love (see picture below).  And as he is a really cool guy, he accepted to give an exclusive interview to The Core.... Enjoy! 

Your complete name and birthdate? 
William Raw - 14.04.80 but you can say Billy. That´s shorter and more typical for my behavior!

Music questionTell us about your career, How did it start?My "entertainment" career started in my first band - in 1994. I transformed a e-guitar into a bass guitar - that basically tore up most of the mechanics on the instrument - but that´s how everything started. I still play bass guitar - I think it´s one of the coolest instruments EVER - besides drums!I started banging the heck out of the bass in several bands until I decided to become a singer and songwriter and started writing. taught myself electric guitar and formed my first band called NASH. I did that band for something like 8 years and got to play shows with The Scorpions and Bob Geldof. I also learned to produce a little - we recorded I think four or five albums across 8 years. I then moved to berlin in jan. 2010 where I started work on my first solo album - that´s also what I´m doing now. 

3. What is your favorite artist in music industry?
I used to be this HUGE Bon Jovi fan! and I still like alot of the old tracks - but in general it´s a mixture of old bands such as Aerosmith, cheap trick, Bon Jovi and younger bands such as Shinedown, Saving Abel, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge guitar stuff I guess!
4. Which song you wish you had written happy birthday *smile* I always wonder how many people sing that song across the planet every day !
5. In which Arena in the world you would like to perform Well in general I just love people having fun with what I do - have good or sad feelings - so I guess the place I always wanted my music to play at is the audiences heart!
6.If you could do a featuring, who would you choose? I´d love to have a featuring with Lenny Kravitz! He´s certainly one of the coolest dudes ever!
7. What's your motto? No Limits!

Fashion question 

8. The outfit that makes you feel hot?
My own skin! *smile*
9. your favorite brand? 
G-Star Raw, energie, Levis
10. the city that is the symbol of fashion for you?  Still: NYC!!!!!

11. If you would leave Germany, where would you like to live?  I don´t care - BUT - it needs the ocean and a HUGE beach with lots of sun! If not that - then Atlanta/Georgia/USA - that´s where I come from! 
12. What do you think/do you know about France?  Well - my dad worked in Nice and Paris for I think 4 years and I got to visit him very often! I really like french food and the style of hanging in loose in paris - sitting outside having coffee and just chilling! also I think french hip hop sounds amazing! your language sings very nice - german doesn't *smile*

Here you got to know a lil'more about Billy, hope you enjoyed as much as we did ;)

Check his sounds up there 
My fav one: Sweet Sister Love



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