Shakespeare was here.

Hi there!

I know it's been a while you did not had any update concerning what we are doing. And I agree, this is totally unacceptable.
But as you may know it, many of us got heir lives changed during last months.
Julia and Do' will talk about their new lives as soon as they will have time but I will talk about Beny's new one, as I kinda took her into it.

Beny has now started University at London Metropolitan, so it was occasion for us to take our (too heavy) luggage and fly to London...

We first went to the Clink. It is an original and vintage way to have a stay in London, for a very reasonable price. We met two german girls and totally loved them! Kiss to Kate and Constanze ICH LIEBE DICH ahah

We then moved to the Hilton Docklands where we had a very very cool stay...
 Huge breakfast at Hotel...
 View from the Restaurant (yes, we kinda spent our time eating)
 Hotel Swimming pool changing room
 Swimming pool (where I used to be when Beny was having massage...)

Our main mission during this trip was to take Beny to her University for a visit and lecture:

During her adventure in those many many many buildings, I had to find something to do as I could not stay with her.
So, I chose... Famous Notting Hill! I spent my time singing "When you say nothing at all" ahah!

 Famous blue door... Where is Hugh??
 A guy was suggesting that pink doors were for gay people... I though it was for family with little girls...
THE Notting Hill Library. But no sign of Hugh, once again... argh.

We then met at her University, Beny was so motivated about the hole thing! Except the three level underground without elevator...

We used our last days for shopping and girly tourism:

 "Les Misérables" musical.
 Voldemort!!! ahah

 Very nice car during our way to Buckingham Palace
Billy Elliott musical Spot.
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