The Core and Fashion

Hi there,

Some of you may know it, every year, Vogue celebrates Fashion worldwide.
As September is the most important month in fashion industry (Take a deep look at "The September Issue" if you have not yet!), Vogue chose to make it all happen on the 8th of September.

This is occasion to see all Luxuous Brands open until late at night. I attended the Vogue Fashion Night last year and I have to admit it is quite electric.

I did my first steps in Big Fashion, I would say, during my training in Paris. I have been lucky enough to attend fashion week 2010, Haute Couture and Ready to Wear sessions.
Stop talking, let's have a look...

This was during march 2010 Dior Catwalk Ready To Wear. 

And guess what... The Core's attending Vogue Fashion Night in London This Year! 
Stay tuned for updates! 



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