High calories drinks & Country side

Hello my loves, it's Beny!
I felt the need to come and to chit-chat a little. As you may know it now, last week has been all about The Core. Unfortunately, Julia had to leave a bit earlier so we had a nice drink - full of calories,for sure- at the French Coffee Shop , and brought her and her friend Carole to the train station.

Afterwards, Magdalena and I did a photo shoot for the website she created with Domien.
I am very looking forward to seeing the photos, i am sure my girl did a great job as usual!
I barely had the time to change my clothes that we had to  catch the bus to go to my house which is in Tours' country side. 

We also did a photo shoot during the night, a little bit scary and ''psycho'' but it was a lot of fun. The day after we had a photo shoot in the nature, the wind was so strong that i could not even walk.
Prison Break, someone's trying to escape.

Gosh you have no idea how hard we fought with those potatoes

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