My new way to shop

Hi guys it's Beny, How have you been? ( i'm just asking , no need to answer to that anyway).
Well it's not a secret anymore that my relationship with fashion is pretty conflictual so if you want me to shop, at least make it easier for me.
Lucky me, few time ago my friend Ash (can see her in my previous post) told me about a website called: Stylistpick.

How it works?

Basically you take a quizz online, where you judge some outfits or pick your favorite one and so on...( i don't know why i love quizz so i quite enjoyed this part)

The result which is your ''Fashion profile'' will help their stylists to create your showroom: Shoes,bags and jewellery (no clothes). This step only take few days.

And once your showroom is ready, you are free to pick any of the items into it. The price is 39.95 pounds for all the item(+ Free delivery)and you have -10pounds for the 1st one.

What did i chose?

I was very pleased to discover my showroom as i liked most items into it.


The NAYA were my first choice, i really wanted shoes like these one, so i had to buy them.


What can i say? I guess i didn't need them but they look good anyway,so here they are in my closet,waiting for me to take them out!

I like their black boxes.

You cannot read anything but it's just their way to thank you for your purchase

Aren't they lovely? When you buy something they send you a ring to thanks you.

I can tell you for sure that i will buy some new shoes or maybe jewellery. Their services are very good and as i live in London,it only took a day to receive my shoes. 
Unfortunately Stylistpick doesn't ship outside the United Kingdom- maybe soon ;)

EDIT: They now ship in 27 countries, check their website to find yours


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