When The Core meets up

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Dearest visitors,

As you may know it is summer, Beny's back from London, Magdalena from USA and Julia is free from university. Therefore it was the perfect opportunity to meet each other in Beny's home town : Tours.

After a lunch in town, we had a girly time: Music,magazines,nail polish, hair and of course gossip!

From black to chocolate hair

Some ideas of summer Braids

Braid updo

But a girl also needs to eat ! For a girl night out sushis are just perfect, low in calories and tasty,     ...........                     moreover you won't feel hungry in the middle of the night.

Sushi shop is a great choice if you eat sushi for the first time, it's fresh and you can taste different  flavors such                 as Foie gras or cheese and cucumber.


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