''Dare to be a warrior for there is no success without effort!"

Please tell me you recognize this face!

Born Perkins, Kimora Lee Simmons entered the Fashion industry at just 13 years old. Her first contract was with Chanel and spent most of her time with Karl Lagerfeld. She was the youngest model who had the chance to wear the wedding dress.

Credits: Bazaar Harpers

Since, she became an amazing business woman. After her 1st wedding with Russel Simmons,the couple founded Baby Phat, the first urban fashion line.

The woman

The Core is a blog owned by women, and we will always put on spotlight successful women such as Kimora LS. She is not just a woman but also a mother and a wife(now married to the actor/model Djimon Dia Hounsou). 

<<Everything people thought was weird about me before>>

The creator of the term ''Fabulosity'' gives through her experience a lesson of life.You maybe don't have the right face,the body,or whatever because someone said so, but one day this may become the most wanted thing. Expect the best and do not settle for ''good enough''. If you think your dream is worth fighting for,then all i can say is ''Go girl''(or man). Because if you don't, you may regret it.
Few days ago i saw the beautiful life-story of Kimora Lee Simmons on E! TV and it did cheer me up and encourage me. 

Read the tittle again,and again, until you make it yours.

Beny xx


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