Paris, 26.05 : Tim Burton Exhibition

Hey all!

I went in Paris and ended at the Cinémathèque, for the Tim Burton Exhibition that began in May and will end in August. 

This was the occasion to remember all the things I knew about him and learn some new stuff! 
The exhibition was very personal, as you could see his private Polaroid Collection, immortalizing his most famous characters such as Sally or the Wolfman of The Nightmare Before Christmas.


As you were watching them, you came from corners to corners, seeing where he began with his first book submission to Disney Studios, that was refused but fiercely encouraged. 
An entire corner is dedicated to my favourite cartoon of Tim Burton: Vincent. This very dark cartoon has been his "forced way out" from Disney Studio as they judged it to be too dark for a Disney collaboration. 

Several screen were also here and there to see the less known videos of Tim Burton, the last screen showing a small part of each famous Burton's movies. 
BUT. But. During this exhibition, there was a very special part. The "Real accessories" part.  
This way, you were begining with the puppets of "The Corpse Bride" and "The Nightmare before Christmas", with a quite long line of all Jack faces used during the movie.  
And the best part. The most magical to me, was all the Edward Scissorhands accessories. The hardest part was not to touch Edward entire outfit and not to jump on the scultped deer used during the shooting of the movie.

The exhibition was ending on tens of napkins Tim Burton drew on, probably getting a new idea whil having lunch outside!  

For the ones who have the occasion to stop by Paris, don't hesitate and go to this Exhibition!



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