A shirt without collar is like a Girl without bag!

Hi all!

I've been quite busy lately and I suddenly thought... Let's rest and write a girly article in here! 
During my last days of shopping, I realized that more and more, clothes were not defining your style. A shirt could be the perfect piece for a professionnal style or rock destroy outfit... 

Yves Saint Laurent Woman Suit. Love it!


Studded Collar white shirt by Natalie, or how to boost your look! 

So if clothe does not mean style, what does? I think you see where I'm going... Accessories! 

I have become more and more "little stuff" addict. And as I am allergic to sun, I can't wear necklaces and some rings during summer. 
Than, the God of Style decided he would give me a second chance with two things I love: Hair accessories and collars! 

Hair Accessories
I sometimes wear handbands but, as if I was doing some super active things, they always slip away like nobody's business! 
Anyway here is my selection of cute and so stylish hair treats! 
The classy ponytail best friend! Really easy to use, those H&M ponytail cuf are the small thing that changes everything. You can have it in gold, silver or pink gold, depending on your hair color! 

Here comes my favorite part! This is probably the best trend ever. You can change any kind of shirt or top into a fashion masterpiece! 
Pearls, studds, jewlery... You can try everything! 
Metal Studded Collar - Via Yvan Rodic

Metal Collar Tips via Fashion Toast

You can find them a bit everywhere (H&M, Zara, Asos, Topshop, and in many luxury brands!)  in every style! You can also create your own! 


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