Candy Magazine, #4.

For those among us who are interested in fashion, art, culture, make-up, glamour, icons and STYLE, but also love the provocative side such as transvestism , transexuality, crossdressing and androgyny, I proudly present you guys the fourth issue of Candy Magazine, by Luis Venegas. It’s a fashion magazine which is completely dedicated to celebrate the wonders of life in all their mindblowing glory. Candy is a magazine for everybody. It’s a space for individual freedom, and a publication that pushes people to take on the persona they’ve always wanted!

I already talked about the changes in the fashion and modeling industry, but none of the previous shoots and models (except for Pejic) can compete with Candy Magazine. The groundbreaking glossy broke boundaries as the first transgender publication and in 3 issues it has garnered a cult-like following in and out of the industry. Candy succeeded to make a big impact on a short time with their impressive group of contributors and the best models, actors and entertainers a photographer could ever ask for. A slew of industry insiders came together to create content that is guaranteed to tantalize.

Androgynous cover star Tilda Swinton delivers a stellar turn in Xevi Muntane’s glamourous images, while Steven Klein’s erotic portfolio explores masculine romance with a sci-fi twist and male pregnancy. The provocative content doesn’t stop there, with fresh edits from David Armstrong who captures drag’s superstars, also demanding attention.

Clothing tells us so much more than we give it credit for: every choice, every decision – even the decision not to choose

I would tell the readers that it’s all fluid for me: there’s no real male or female.

I think transvestites are wonderful people -very colorful- and I love it!

I don’t consider myself a woman, ‘cuz I don’t know what that is. I consider myself Lady Chablis and that is who I am.


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