Moa Hedström.

It isn’t a secret that the fashion world is font of extreme models which can keep fascinating the media and spectators. There are more androgynous models, and even tattoos and piercings are becoming more common. As example, Alice Dellal, who is known for her rough appearance and image, and half shaved hair, is a huge fashion icon nowadays. With this, the fashion world is breaking its own rules and becomes more and more fun and interesting.

As you might know by now, I’m fascinated by ‘special’ models, so I was looking around on the internet and like this I found a shoot with Moa Hedström. She grew up in Karlstad, Sweden, and was scouted online by the fashion editor of Rodeo Magazine not so long ago. She has a fabulous personality and as you guys can see, she’s pretty extreme and yet a classical beauty. She’s signed with Nisch Management and already in the first three weeks of her modeling career she was booked for the three most important magazines in Sweden: Elle Sweden with Andreas Sjödin and Robert Ryberg, as well Bon Magazine with Marcus Ohlsson and Naomi Itkes and Rodeo Magazine.


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