Tracy Rose/ Antonello Tedde

Private view of Kuky at the Italian Institute

Alyssa and I did not just meet Kuky at his private view, but we had the chance to be introduced to Tracy Rose and Antonello Tedde.

Let's start with Tracy Rose who was there with her husband Russell Rose.

From the hat to her fancy nails, it is all done by herself. Tracy Rose is a self-taught designer,using her intuition and her fashion taste to create the most amazing piece.  Royal Ascot, Derby, Goodwood or English Season,whatever the occasion you can trust her to create something unique and to make you stand out of the crowd. 

From London to New-York and Los Angeles,Tracy.R as a wide range of clients.

She is also co-writer and Editor with her husband,Russell, of the Fashion Fabulous London. Find out about the best places to shop in London!

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Antonello Tedde

Can fashion be eco-friendly? Well the answer is Antonello Tedde. Born in Sardinia,Italy,graduate of London College of Fashion, Antonello designs luxury handbags and purses made entirely from regenerated cotton,wools dyed locally with Sardinian plants and are all hand produced in workshops managed by women.

Fashion,ethic and eco-friendly, The Core obviously encourage this designer in his path!

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