Wind of Change in Fashion Industry

What the hell is going on?
Did you see that?!

Everything is changing. New trends (well, that's the definition of Fashion), new accessories, new way to wear bags or sneakers.
But more than this, even our icons are changing. I believe you see what I mean.

Raf Simons

It is time to celebrate our little Do's country. After being without Lead Designer for a bit more than a year, the great belgian designer Raf Simons is succeeding John Galliano in the great task of clothing Dior beauties. From a very different background than J.Galliano (one from the british cosmopolitan fashion and excentric design, the other from Industrial Design and music influence), Raf Simons is expected to be at a very important crossroads for Dior's future.

In 2010, this is what you could see from the famous french Maison, lead by Galliano...

Timeless goddess figures with flying fabrics and strong leather features.

Now, meet... The Pure Design by Raf Simons!

Raf Simons for Jil Sander.  Very straight and sharp shapes and colors. Raf gives us the image of a much more actual and "working girl" woman. He leads us to a place were Fashion and Architecture are united as one. 

Emmanuelle Alt 

Even if I am more a "Anna Team" girl in terms of Vogue Edition, the french Vogue is quite a huge inspiration, talking about Fashion Photography. 
For ten years, Carine Roitfeld, the origin of Porno Chic trend, is now passing the torch to her former fashion editor in chief, Emmanuelle Alt. 
According to her personnal style, we can expect from the beautiful 44 year-old  Emmanuelle a very elegant and actual content for Vogue, respecting the great magazine reputation of luxury and greatness. 

Emmanuelle is married to designer Franck Durand, who created "Atelier Durand" and is also the artistic director for many luxury brands. 
Carine Roitfeld is currently designing a make up line with M.A.C. 


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