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It is well known now, The Core loves to introduce you to new artists with their own perspectives and experience.So when we read our mails and saw an invitation to a Private View at the Italian Cultural Institute London, it was hard to resist to go and check what it was really about.So I took Alyssa with me as usual!

Kuky,a puzzling name but it is none other than the nickname given to this Italian artist who makes lovely paintings in tune with the time.
Born in 1966, Andrea aka Kuky started in the fashion industry as a model, passionate by creation he became a creative director for world-renowned fashion houses such as Chanel,Armani,Lacroix,Dolce and Gabbana,Yves St Laurent, Dior an endless list as you can see...He also met someone working in the industry of silk with whom he was suppose to stay for 10 days which turned into 10 years. After years spent creating for others his passion took over and he decided to create for himself and to share it with the world.

Imagination,vibrant, colourful,fairy-like and ''lovish'' this is how i would describe his work. From Alice in wonderland with dream-like symbols to love icons KukyLove makes your mind travel where you never took it before.

The key word of this exhibition: Love. In fact in most of his paintings you may find a heart or a couple.

Who is Kuky?

Living in Cannes,France it was therefore very easy for Alyssa and I to talk with him without any misunderstand. Kuky is someone who takes the time to explain his vision of the world we live in and tries to convey his experience through his work. For each of his paintings ,he does specific researchs and thanks to his experience in the fashion industry he manages to know what is ''In'' or ''Out''. Happiness,this is mostly what you'll see in his work.

''Love is magical but can hurt when the person in front of you do not understand its magic''-Kuky

Alyssa's favorite

My favorite ( i even use it on facebook)

One advice from him to succeed in the industry: ''Be passionate'' as he said it takes time and motivation to make it through.

Where to find him:
Italian Cultural Institute: 29th April - 10th May 2012
Blog: http://kukydezubeis.blogspot.co.uk/
Facebook: Kuky de Zubeis

by Beny


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