The Designers with Rooney's tattoo.

This what Fashion is about: when you are in March. you have to think about Fall. What is also true is that there is  not much from a lonely girl with a dragon tattoo to one of the trends muse for this year.

My first crush on 26 year old american actress Rooney Mara was during the 84th Oscars Ceremony. After showing her punk and hacker skills in award nominated 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', she shown herself as a very graceful and original young woman, wearing a dream Givenchy gown.


Displaying female duality, she also has inspired some of the great trends of this season, now even called The  Rooney's minimalist revolution.
Playing with some of the greatest designers of this time, the androgynous and excentric actress flirts with inspiring shapes and cold colors, enhancing her beautiful red lips and bright blue eyes.

See some of her greatest and most inspiring looks...

The sharp bangs are probably one of the most symbolic features launched by Rooney this season.

I personaly fell in love with this outfit, dress from Prabal Gurung.  This gown is exactly showing and hidding the right places. Where cleavage is expected, black fabric is hidding the most exposed body parts of this century.  Skin is only apparent through light and graceful lacework, mixing up clean design and retro conception.
Do I also need to add that her updo and make up are perfect, and her face cute to death?

This Girl is just made to wear Givenchy. She is THE expression of the Givenchy androgynous charm. I could show every single Givenchy outfit she wore, as they just look so perfect on her.
Rooney wearing one of my favorite designers (because I'd love to see myself creating clothes with my sister): Rodarte.

She is not ready to be where she is expected in terms of style! Check her out in some other marvelous looks!

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