Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey: By trend or by design?

The Music World celebrities is made of some well known outsiders.
Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey are maybe the two most  media characters of the moment. The question is, are they original because of their personality of because they understood what was bankable? 

At a time when medias and public people  have well understood that is was not worthy anymore being average let's have a look at those two ladies going from Jane Doe to singular Fashion Symbols..

This was Lady Gaga when she was Stefani Germanotta. She more looked like the girl that you cross going to High School or the city Mall.
It is only with the album "The Fame" and her first singles "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" that we get to see the sketch of the Lady Gaga we know now.

She first appeared to be original, but with time and singles passing by, she became a real Fashion Figure, creating The Haus of Gaga, and always going further and further in eccentricity.

Her videoclip "Judas" is the most expensive videoclip in the Music Industry and almost all the money related to her shows, shootings and appearances only goes to the creation of her new shows and costumes. 

And as weird as it can look, It seems that Lana Del Rey has the same curriculum.
When she began, Elizabeth Grant was ... Pretty different than the iconic singer we now see in magazines. 

The blond classical gir now got herself a very unique look with the famous flower crown...

Both of them are in demand for many shootings, fashion shows. They both appeared in the fashion bible Vogue under Mario Testino's and Terry Richardson's direction. Lady Gaga was Thierry Mugler's muse during one of his fashion shows and Lana Del Rey got Mulberry creating a bag named after her.

It just looks like being only a singer is not enough. You also have to be very careful about the image you are bringing on stage. you have to make it unique. To make it one of a kind.  

And you, what's your kind?
Whatever it is, make it yours. Make it one of your kind. Be the core of your image.

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