The new place to be: PINTEREST

Access to the website by the image.

Face Who? Tweet What? Well forget about it! Now we all PIN.
If you did not know about,The Core is telling you,Pinterest is the new place to be! Easy,fast and funny, Pinterest is about sharing photos that you like with your friends and the rest of the world. Created by 3 americans,the new social network was launched since March 2010 and already reached more than 10 million users over the world. It is actually the fastest growing indepent site. 


Ben Silbermann,co-founder of Pinterest, declared: ''It's hard to explain how it feels to go from a small group of people working  on a virtually unknow website,to a slightly bigger team of people working on a service that millions of people use everyday.It's humbling and exciting.''

But as every success, Pinterest is not without controversy. The new site is accused of allowing copyright infringement. Well couldn't we say the same thing about Facebook,tumblr,flikr and twitter? The whole internet seems to be a copyright infringement to me. But in response Pinterest allows any website-owner to stop their images being on pinterest.

The only bad thing to me about Pinterest is that you have to be invited by an user or request invite.No one wants to wait anymore,we are so use to just create our twitter or facebook account in not even 5 minutes. But apparently things are changing so The Core will have to wait as everyone.

Very soon you may Pin The core.


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