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Hey all,

I have been living in the US for a bit more than a month now, So it is time for me to give a little update about what's going on! 

I landed in Dallas on the 14th of January, and after one hour at the immigration office and 3253642 questions after, I am finally going to the Hotel with my family. With stood in Dallas for one day, just the time to visit a bit and to see Jean Pau Gaultier Exhibition and President Kennedy Museum, see the article here.

Good mornin'Chicago!

Dallas by night (more pictures here)

I then went "home" (my sister's, actually) where I work a few days a week and then work on several photographic projects (as the one with National Geographic).
I always find some time for some shopping... 

...In Snyder (more pictures here and here )

... Or Lubbock (more pictures here )

America has also been following  a great event, The Grammy Awards. It was time for great live performances and tributes to Whitney Houston, showing the deep feeling of a great loss. 
As one of my favorite part of Red Carpets, The Fashion Police was giving its comments concerning worst and best gowns of this special night. 

Here is my favorite dress of all the event..

Carrie Underwood. 

LOVE IT. And also a great miracle of this night, Rihanna was dressed decently, ahah



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