Je suis Paulettte, are you?

The photo leads you to the website.

I told you i would be coming back soon with a brand new post. Indeed today's night i'm going to tell you a bit more(beside what i've already said on twitter) about the photoshoot i have done and the magazine i have done it for.

What is Paulette?

Created in 2009,Paulette is a french magazine that first started on the internet and that is now available in print,if you order it. Paulette wants to make itself closer to its readers more than any other magazines, in fact everyone can take part in its creation and that what's make it so special. Describing itself as ''participatory, creative and accessible',' you will find ''everyday girls'' on its cover instead of models ect...


What about the photoshoot?

Place: A cosy parisian flat.
Time: 2p.m

The photoshoot was to present 4 lovely jackets for the next issue of Paulette.
As far as i am concerned, it wasn't the first time i was having a photoshoot in a flat and i prefer spend hours in a flat rather than in a studio.

The atmosphere is more friendly,maybe because of the proximity actually. Anyway we were 4 girls participating: Alex,Adele,Cecilia and myself. I must confess, we quickly started to talk with eacth other while some were with the makeup artist or the hairstylist.

The staff(makeup artist,hairstylist,photographer,stylist and the editor) was friendly and helpful in everything.It was definately a good experience and i am in love with the shirt i am wearing (brand: sud express).
It is better for you not to see my eyes(travel and barely slep= f*cked up)



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