I'm not a whore....but i like to do it

No,no this blog ain't dead but i think we are all very busy with our own lives and we just ''forget'' to put few news on this blog.
So what happened so far for Manuela or Beny-as you like- ( me me and me)? Basically i'm now living in London and enjoying a Londoner's life, that's it!

So on Thursday night, my sweet Ash dragged me to this club called Cuckoo ( and i'm like fuck i never spell it right) with some frenchs friends of hers that were hosting.

At Ash's getting ready

Caroline and I

Caroline and Ash

Ash and Capucine

This club is pretty small but very cosy,nice people in it and some good music to help you to shake your ass!Going back there soon.

Song of the night: HERE



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