Eric Saade; made of pop.


I know it's been a while since I've written something for this amazing blog, but like Beny mentioned before; I think all of us were pretty busy with our personal lives! School started and there were a lot of things to take care of :):) BUT I've a lot to tell you guys, so just skip the bullshit and apologies, and get straight to the point!

All of us know the Eurovision song festival which takes place EVERY year. Artists from all over the world try to defend their honour and country in this battle of music, dance and spectacle. Last year Azerbaijan could call itself the winner of the show with Eldar & Nigar's 'Running Scared'. Though, my attention went out to one of the other finalists! Eric Saade from Sweden, who heated up the crowd with his song 'Popular' (written by David Alano) and made it to the third place. Eric Saade, born in Kattarp the 29th of October 1990, was already a big name in Sweden since he participated AND became one of the finalists of a competition in 2007 for filling up a position in a new proposed Swedish boyband to be formed; 'What's up'. In 2009 he signed a new contract with Roxy Recordings and that's when his solo carrier started.

Eric Saade-Break of dawn

Now, Eric is at his peak and ready for a musical breakthrough out of Sweden, trying to show the world how talented he is and make his dreams come true. The 10th of November he made his 'first' appearance in France, in the 'La Reine Blanche' theatre. Fans from Spain, Italy and Russia came all the way to Paris to see their favorite artist perform on stage for the first time in their lives; and also my friend and I decided to go and check him out! ;);)

From the moment the lights went out and the curtains opened up in front of us there was a huge light spectacle and a thumping beat which left all of us full of anticipation. The cheers and excited screams filled the entire space once Eric put foot on stage and the crowd went wild, singing their hearts out to their favorite songs. He's a great live singer and when he's on stage there such a great energy which blows everyone off record. His dancing skills completed the entire performance and put everything into a great succes!
Also, there was great contact between him and the audience, which only built up the excitement and positive atmosphere. It was a rather small area where moreless 150 people could enter, which was a huge contrast with the performances he has in Sweden for up to 25 000 people, but it wasn't less great or impressive at all.

At the end of the concert, he also announced a signing session and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the cordial and friendly guy. He took the time to talk with his fans and take a picture with them, he even gave some fans some of his personal belongings to give them a reminder, and allowed hugs and kisses. He expressed sincere appreciation for people who came from countries out of France, repeating how surprised and excited he was.

In my opinion, Eric is the perfect example of how an artist should deal with his fans. There was unity, mutual respect and sincere appreciation. He behaved like the normal person who he really is and made sure his fans felt comfortable near him. I sure had a great time and I can tell you honestly that Eric is one of the cutest guys I've ever had the chance to meet. I wish him a lot of succes and joy! :)))

Don't forget to check out his new single 'Hotter than fire'!


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  1. We remember Eric was our favorite at ESC 2011, haha :):)
    He's a nice guy!