Fashion Part of London or YOU HAVEN'T QUEUED!

Going to London without talking about fashion is like impossible.

And, as we are very lucky girls, we went to London during the Royal Wedding Dress Exhibition.
I was so happy to see it that I was running in the streets to get to Buckingham Palace!

During our tour, we had a hole description of the dress, accessories and confection by Sarah Burton herself (recorded on a tape ahah).
The Wedding Dress is just a masterpiece of Mc Queen's best lacework and mix between modern design and tranditional symbols.
The Dress was made by Mc Queen's team, in collaboration with London traditional lacework School.

Earrings have been specially carved for the wedding and are a present from Bride's Parents. They show the symbols of the new blazon of Middleton Family.

Shoes are also signed Mc Queen and show a wonderful lacework.

For the Magda's Fashion and affordable part, I bought new shoes at Office.


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