One Direction @ Holland.

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Without a doubt, everyone of us has heard about the most popular boys band of our time; One Direction, who scored a monster hit with 'What makes you beautiful'. The band, consisting of Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles finished third in the contest X-Factor 2010 and signed a contract with Syco after.

A few weeks ago, the band visited the Netherlands after a contest organised for the countries Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, called 'Bring1DToMe'. It took place in Hotel Arena in Amsterdam with a Q&A and signing session for their fans, and I have to say it was a rather hilarious experience for me. My friend Kim, a big fan of Louis Tomlinson, got us some tickets to join hundreds of screaming teenage fans in anticipation for their beloved band ;p

We took the early morning train and left for the Netherlands, but because of some unfortunate happenings (and some hysterical attacks by Kim xD) we arrived quite late in Amsterdam. Eventually we got there and FINALLY everything went according to plan, hoho. Almost the whole place was stuffed with 13-16 year olds who screamed theirselves hoarse when the five boys entered the stage, the decibels flaring high. Kim and I stayed at the sideline, away from the hysterical crowd, but so that we still could see the stage perfectly. It was a bit like the Tokio Hotel-hype a few years ago, hahaha.

After their great success in the UK, the band finally starts to show up more often in the Belgian media. You can barely turn on the TV or you'll see the video clip 'What Makes You Beautiful', you can't flip a page in teen magazines or there's an interview. I wonder if their new song, 'Gotta Be You' will be equally popular :) Anyway, I know I love it already :)))

The 18th of November their first album 'Up all night' will be released in Belgium as well!


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  1. The guy on the 3rd photo is cute :):)
    It seems you had a nice trip, girls!