Virginia Woolf

"Love to them was something induced by certain calculated actions; and it was cherished in ball rooms, in scented conservatories, by glances of the eyes, flashes of the fan, and faltering suggestive accents. Love here was a robust, ingenuous thing which stood out in the daylight, naked and solid, to be tapped and scrutinised as you thought best."

Beautiful, isn't it? These lines were written by one of my favorite writer, Virginia Woolf. I'm always so amazed by the precision of the words she chose and the fact she made it sound like poetry. It's absolutely "intoxicating" when you start reading her novels, even though, I must admit, her style is very unique and kind of special. I've studied her collection of short stories entitled "A haunted house and other stories" at school and  this is just brilliant. This woman, even during the early XXth century, had some strong views and opinions on feminism. You can notice this in her writings. Her life was pretty fucked-up: she has been sexually abused by two of her step-brothers, she lose her parents very young, she was depressive, she turned lesbian (not saying this is a bad thing, but it was not really well-seen at the time) and tried to kill herself twice. She succeeded the third time. And believe me, you can feel her distress, her pain, her revolt through her novels. I suggest that every litterature's fan take the time to read one of her books, it truly is a beautiful experience.


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