Hi losers

Don't worry the tittle was not about you but about us! So many things to tell you but first let's talk about this week end i spent with Magdalena aka Miss Gray.
I wish i could give you details but it's so much better to show you photos.We were suppose to come out with a video but  Windows Movie Maker doesn't work,so if you know any other programs please tell us !

The Core goes old school in Orléans

 Sometimes it just feels so good to see how people in the 60s,70s,80s... till our time were living,what kind of music they were listenning to and magazines they were reading. They had their favorite tabloids with their favorites gossips and so on...

But when Magdalena and I stop being some kind of "old school wanna be" we come back to reality and pretend to have some inspiration- you know the favorite word of The Core!

We tried everything on this poor little jeans but one hour after,the result is not that bad :

Shirt: The Kooples

So this is what happened...To stay in touch with us check our Twitter or our page facebook :)


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