Wisdom and inappropriate questions.

The Fray- Never say Never. 

Sometimes, you just feel like you do not speak an understandable language. 
Because whatever the words you use, the sentences you choose, people always avoid answering. A real answer. 

And then, with time and frustration, you just stop and wonder. 
And you realize that words and sentences have nothing to do with it. How you are asking is not wrong. 

What your asking is.  

How many times a day you can ear that you are kind of weird or that you are asking too much questions.  
That you are not wise enough. Wise enough to close your eyes.

On what's wrong between people. 
On why our World is growing more mad every second. That it took less time for a man to loose his mind than it took for you to blink.  

On why people make promises and tell you are expecting too much when they do not keep it. 

And, one day, you just realize that there are to types of people. 

The ones who will ask you to close your eyes and go on like you did not notice the shadows. 
The ones who will ask you to let those naive stars shinning in your eyes by hushing up inappropriate questions.  All questions that make them feel more humans and less heroes. 

And the others. 

The ones who will make promises and will expect you to tell them when they do not keep it.
The ones who will push you farer everyday and will admit they don't know instead of telling you to stop asking questions. 
The ones who will love the stars shinning in your eyes when you are still thinking world is great after understanding how crazy it is.

Nobody should stop asking until an acceptable answer has been given.
Nobody should be prevented from asking why. 

Miss Gray


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