'Fabrication' turns into 'Installation'.

Last year I graduated and I got my degree in ‘Fashion and Creation’. This subject in school gives young people who have a passion for fashion and art, the chance to develop and use their creativity as comprehensive as possible. The education consists of deepening yourself into art, artists, fashion and fashion designers. You get the chance to put all your fashionable ideas on paper, and professionals show you how to process your own designs into real, (sometimes) wearable creations! Each year, this school organizes a fashion show to show the great talent of its students to the outside world. They introduce their own creations and this in a very professional way. Tomorrow evening (May 27) is the ninth edition, and I will definitely be there to have a peek! I think our students are already very nervous right now; this will be THE moment they’ve all been working for during the past school year. (I remember I was nervous the night before the show, haha.) I'm already curious, and I certainly will let you guys know how everything went! :D

Pictures from last year

(Veronika Bezdenejnykh)



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