Sketches and CustozZ

Well, that is the part were I curse blogspot. why?

Because they deleted the article that I am about to re-write.
Nevermind I am a happy and motivated blogger, and I will write this article as many times as needed!

Many many bloggs talk about clothes, where you can find them, buy them cheaper, on which celebrity you can see them.
And, just as you do, I follow those blogs. But I have to admit that , whatever the clothe, bag, I have to add something on it that makes me think "it is MINE".
That is where customizing starts:

 Classic black dressed (Custo: nailing)
H&M T-shirt (Custo: Chains and holes)

 Black Jacket (Custo: Military couture and self made brooch)
 Vintage Bag (custo: nailing)
Classic black shoes by André (custo: nailing)
 Classic black shoes by André (custo: nailing)
 Classic white Converses (Custo: drawings and laces)

Then, you just wonder: If I am confident enough to torture brand's clothes, why would not I create my own? 
That is where sketches begin: 

I will probably use the bag sketch in the following weeks as I already received the Fur Keychains. 

Xoxo Cheekies! 

Miss Gray


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