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For the very first time in my short blogger's life, I'm going to talk about make-up online. I know, freaky. You guys might know this before I start anything: MagdalĂ©na is definitely the best at talking about make up on The Core and she does it very well. So don't get me wrong, I'm not an expert! 
However, I absolutely love cosmetics! Dior lipsticks are like little diamonds to me :) I've already spent over 200€ in one hour for that shit, haha. But there's a brand I especially love out of all the others... Make-up Forever. It's a very professional brand used by make up artists, it has so many wonderful colours and you can compare it to brands like m-a-c or make up store.
I'm going to show you some of my favorite cosmetics from Make up Forever.

Here is the foundation HD from make-up forever. I use it everyday because it looks very natural on my skin and covers little imperfections. The quality of this foundation is amazing! But if you've got some serious skin issues I suggest you use a foundation that's covering a bit more. I use the #118

Mat Velvet + is the foundation I use on parties or when my skin looks bad. This foundation covers way more than the first one and lasts longer. However, it's less comfortable on your skin than the HD foundation (in my opinion). But still perfect for going out :) I use the #40 Beige naturel

I use blush on my cheeks for years because my skin is pale and gives me that exhausted look. The special thing about those blushes is that they are kind of "sculting" your face and make your cheek bones look higer (I absolutely love it)! I use the #4 rose satinĂ© 

Those two lips and eyes' pencils are my favorites! And... They're waterproof!

Lip: I always thought that lips' pencils were made for vulgar women with red lips circled by a dark dark dark red line around the mouth. But if you find a colour which suits perfectly to your lips, using it just a bit to redifine your mouth's shape can look pretty sexy AND natural. I use the #48 Bois de Rose

Eyes: I chose a very particular colour to underline my eyes when I go out and especially for parties or whatever events it can be. The colour is flashy, it lasts long, resists to water and kinda light up your eye. Amazing. I use the #8L Argent



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