On spot: Marco Rothenburger

of course the fact that i'm black has nothing to do with this photo as 1st one

Hallo Wie gehts? Let’s start this post with some german words as  it is about a german photographer: Marco Rothenburger.
This guy is in my facebook friends since almost a year now and I usually take a look at his work as i love photography and i think his work deserves to be known.

M.Rothenburger is a german photographer from Saale,but  now living in Hannover.
He works with clients such as Elle,Clarins Paris, or New Yorker.
All his work can be found on his website: http://www.marco-rothenburger.de/
Which is a very creative website, i have been watching the intro again and again.

His work goes from Haute Couture to feminine beauty, and each of his photos is a new story that Marco(if i can allow myself) try to share with us.

I don’t need to add a lot just look at some photos that i stole on his facebook and let yourself dreaming with gorgeous models,outstanding clothes and colorfull makeup:

God Bless you_ beny


  1. I like his work.But Beny he's screwed up his "Viva La Negra" girl should be you ;) haha
    Nice blog girls !!!

  2. I am not enough skinny, black girls have curves lol
    Beny xx