An ode to Love.

My mate Johnny's a hooker
His habit is a one night stand
he would walk the streets in the usual way
Oh, what a pretty man

 Mika - Holy Johnny


Today no Famous people, known artists or any of that! I want to dedicate this post to a very interesting and special person: Veronika Bezdenejnykh (20, Aalst, Belgium). She is a young artist with Russian / Kazakh roots, and besides the fact that she’s incredible creative and fascinating, I have the honor to call her one of my best friends.  Why I write this for her? Because I CAN ;) And because I love her more than anything, so this is a good way to let her know! She is one of those people who will always be there for you, no matter what. She would never bias or act in a disrespectful way. (Except maybe when she has one of her famous bad moods in the morning.) She is someone with a clear view on the world but at the same time she is withdrawn in her bubble of art and originality. She doesn’t have a mind like others and that is exactly what makes her so unique. As a friend of Veronika, I have the right to honestly say that she's crazy, quite eccentric and occasionally a bit strange (no offense) but she knows how to turn all of this into charming traits. She’s blessed with the artistic gift and knows exactly how to use it. She is original, extraordinary and she also manages to keep everything interesting. Painting and drawing is her passion, just like Dr. House and Johnny Depp who seem to be her muses. ;) I also believe her work deserves to be known because she’s extremely talented and it would be a shame for not sharing it with the rest of the world! ;)


“Now, bring me that horizon.” Johnny Depp.

I love you, Veroniekje :)