My parents would have sang in a metro. I will in a TGV. Progress Progress.

Hello Cheekies, 

Do not try to find any link between what I am about to write and the tittle. Anyway  I'd like to talk about an actual subject that concerns everybody.... 


Yes m'am, I am the kind of girl who buys 5 or 6 pairs every summer, and always breaks it. 
BUT, I took my courage and broke my piggy bank to buy real hot and sexy sunglasses. Choice was hard. Many shapes, many colors, many brands (many prices :/): 

Max Mara: 

It was quite hard but, my final choice was not that original but felt so myself with those sunglasses.... The Ray Ban Jackie Ohh III !!! 

Ray Ban are actually quite good at making trendy comfortable sunglasses. I have to admit it, even though I hate them for making Wayfarers that absolutely don't fit me. Bah. And the BIG plus, they are very light! 


Miss Gray


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