"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successfull personality and duplicate it."

The quote is by Bruce Lee.I didn't know he was that wise anyway...

PERSONALITY. What a funny word, but the funniest it is people pretending to have one when actually they are only a mix of different  people’s personalities.
I have never pretended  to have a personality.In Fact, I absorb the personalities of others and create mine from them. Call me chameleon!
I have always wondered why some people have a typical personality and the more i grow old the more i understand that you don’t choose to be a kind of person, life does it for you. The different persons you will meet, the different problems you will go throught will create who you are. This is what make you so special and unique. Because Life isn’t the same for everyone. I know naive people, short tampered people, selfish people, helpful,arrogant people and so on... The issue is that you cannot blame any of them for being who they are. Ok some may piss you off so bad but if they stay true to who they are  then it has to be ok for you.
I do not mean that  you cannot change someone’s personality. Of course you can,because you are this person who came into their life to make them change and improve their personality. You are only the X factor.

Moreover, if you don’t get along with someone maybe your both personalities are not meant to understand each other. Do not force yourself into being friend with someone when it is clearly not your “alter ego”. However i think that love is the only thing where you guys don’t need to be the same, “Opposites attract” . This is it! Because sometimes being the same is the worse thing in a realtionship. I mean do you imagine living in a world where everyone would be the same? NIGHTMARE for sure.
I have my personality, you have yours and that is what life is about : Meeting different people.

God Bless you -Beny


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