Will.I.Am keeps his promises!

Hey All!

No need to investigate, with Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am always delivered a message of progress and futuristic music. 
If you remember well, it is even him in the "Imma bee" Video Clip who shows an futuristic electronic singer, that our lovely Fergie cannot stand. 
Their video clips, lyrics and outfits has always shown how they were looking to the future. 

After a collaboration with rising K-Pop stars, Will won the greatest challenge of Music Industry: being the first. 
Covers, Remix and plagiarism became more than daily concerning Creation Process. Here comes the day of Inovation. 
Will's song "Reach the Stars", especialy recorded with a 50 people Orchestra is the first song ever played... On Mars! 

Magical Things still can happen!


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