New in- IS IT HER.

Hi all! 

In order to improve the quality of my recordings, I lately bought a new micrphone and sound card. As I went through the microphones, I decided to buy a Rode Pack, including microphone, anti pop filter and so on... 

They were kind enough to provide a DVD including all the techniques you could use to record with this microphone, creating very intimate or rocky effects. 

This is how I discovered Mitchell Thompson singing "Tasted"  from his australian band called "Is it her". 
I immediatly came to them cause this song was really great, some Placebo influences in it. 
After some mailing with Damien Smith, the bassist of the band, he answered a few questions for us, talking about the way the met and decided to get seriously involved in their music! 

Is it her:  Liam, Damien, Mitchell and Tim, by Raaw Photography

How/When did you meet? 
mitch and i grew up together, our mums were friends so we were always hanging out. Mitch met liam our drummer at school.  
When did you decide to create an "official" band? 
Mitch and lima would jam in music class and they gradually started taking it more and more seriously and started up a band MOLD, which later became is it her.  
How did you choose the name of the band? 
The name was just random, Mitch and liam though it was quirky at the time and we've just kept it.  
How do you deal with the creative process? Does everyone have a special place like "Ok You do the lyrics, 
then I do the instrumental"... 
Mitch will write the crux of our songs and liam and myself will generally just toy with the minor things, just so the song takes on different feels and its not so black and white. 
One of your best moment as a band? 
Favourite moment as a band was playing to 5-600 screaming girls at Brigidine girls school. Was the first time we actually felt like we could have been famous, was nuts.
Live or Studio? 
We love playing live, we have not really had much time in the studio, so we use live shows to really refine our sound and improve as musicians. 
Do you have a dream as a band you did not achieve yet and keep on chasing? 
We're just trying to improve constantly, refine our sound and songs, hopefully one day people will love our songs and will be lining up to buy our records. But that's still a long way away haha.
Which song you wish you had written/composed? 
yes and no, i wish i had written mr brightside by the killers, but i know we would not have done it the justice that the killers have.  
DO you have a special item/thing you do to bring you luck? 
Hmm, not really, I guess, we tend to wear the same sort of things show after show thats about as close as it comes haha.  
What would be your advice for somebody who'd like to start in music?
Um... get together and play with friends, you will become such better musicians from it and you will enjoy it that much more. 

Thank you Damien for all those kind and honest answers! 
You can find some more information about this fabulous band here on their facebook page. You'll also find. Good music and good looking guys, I guess Autralia is always showing how much it has to offer! 


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