- The Core takes you to the Spurs Hometown -

I have been lucky enough to go to San Antonio for a few days and my only word for this is: AWESOME. 
This magnificent city has several reasons to be this famous, and all of them are worthy taking a look at!

First, and for the History lovers, you've got the Alamo. 
As you go into it, you can see all the beautiful trees and flowers that lead to into the historical part of the Alamo. The Daughters about the Republic of Texas did their best to keep it in good shape (The Fortress has been destroyed just after the lasr battle it saw). Some people also gave original items to the museum, so that you can see some clothes and even a piece of David Crocket's hair in a bucket!

Then, I moved to the Zoo. I love taking pictures of animals even if I have to admit going to the Zoo when you are an adult is not really the same feeling. You kinf of  hardly realize that they are not in their natural life and it is sad. But most of the animals in the San Antonio Zoo or here for protection or have been raised in captivity. 
Taking pictures of the reptiles was huge, they have all those wonderful paterns and colors... 

And then, it was shopping in chilling time on the Riverwalk during Spurs game! The Riverwalk is just one of the most amazing place I have ever seen. It is cool, colorful and full of energy! The Rivercenter mall is built upon the river, with lot of cool shops, including Disney Store and GAP, the two places I spent half of my salary! 

Last, feel free to have a look at the entire Riverwalk, and get there as soon as you can!

Stay tuned because The Core is about to take you in a lot more places!


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