Finds of the Day And Deception

Hello Cheekies, 

As my work ended last Thursday, I am now free (until Saturday) to mess around doing nothing special.

So I was checking new websites kindly advised by Facebook when I found "Catwalk Junkie". 
The fun part of this site is that it seems quite cool but written in swedish or german.. So as a little kid I am only looking at pictures. 
And this site reminds me of an expected movie to come: My week with Marilyn, starring wonderful actress Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. 

A retro movie about one of the most mysterious public person of our century. 
BUT, as it came out in the US on 4th november 2011 and will be out in France on 7th of Marsh, I feel like  i'm kinda screwed. 
Hope i will find it in DVD in the USA! 



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