Monthly Picture has changed !

Hey there!

We are not good bloggers. Yes. We promised a monthly picture and it has more become a half annual picture! 
So it was time for us to change. I decided to put on top a woman that has been honored by Elle's cover a few time ago. 

This girl is Tara Lynn, a american 27 model. But not any model. She is becoming one of the most famous "plus size" model. 
With 1.76m and 85kg, she has those "latino shapes" . Like real shapes.  And an angel face! 
Unfortunately I could not tell you much more about her as she is being a bit secret for the moment. 

And the little plus? She speaks a very cute french with a little american accent!

You can see some videos of her talking about self estim and how she came to fashion, with a smile to-die-for!

Xo cheekies

Listening: Gym class Heroes feat. Adam Levine - My heart's stereo. 


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