Lazy leasures.


Cold and Winter are coming, so it is time to prepare hot chocolate and whatch series!
I am the kind of person begining 4 or 5 show and never finishing them.
Anyway those last weeks I found my series!
I was at work talking with one of my favorite mate when she told me about this new show dealing with old things: Spartacus.
After thinking about my wonderful afternoons watching Xena or Hercules, I decided to try it and... Lucy Lawless (Actress playing Xena) plays in it! First good point.
It is visually processed like the movie 300 . Second good point.
It is all about men built like gods fighting half naked. Third good point.

It is quite violent and "hot", but it is definitely my show of the year!

A thought to Andy Whitfield, who plays Spartacus, a wonderful actor dead this September...

Xo cheekies


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