mardi 13 novembre 2012

Win TC's Christmas Gift with Michael Kors

The American designer Michael Kors (MK) opened his 6th store in the UK on the 25th October.
This store is located in Covent Garden, London. Of course The Core couldn't miss the opening, so we rushed over there, had a quick chit-chat with the lovely manager and a friend, in the end i went back home with lovely golden gloves from MK and a tote bag. 
We all agreed that we should keep the enthusiasm a little bit longer. Therefore, we thought it could be a nice idea to team up with MK and give away the tote bag, ''Michael Kors Loves Covent Garden'', to someone that didn't have the chance to attend the opening.  


It is very easy, follow the 3 different steps, and get your bag for Christmas.

1) Log on twitter or your personal blog.

2) Share the link of the blog ( or the post, with the hashtag #MichaelKorsOnTheCore 

3) Post your twitter account or blog in a comment for us to check. 

Important information

 Let's call it an early Christmas gift.
If you are the winner we will personally contact you through your twitter account, or blog in order to have your e-mail address. Once we have your e-mail, we will ask for your home address.
Afterwards you shall receive it within a week. Please keep in mind that the bag is in the United-Kingdom, therefore if you are american, it may take a bit longer.

Your future bag and the magazine.



  1. It's Awesome:) Im A huge fans of your blog girls plz choose me :) my twitter is FabiolaLenz.

  2. so nice! Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.