Museum für Fotografie / Helmut Newton Foundation

Hello cheekies,

We acted like perfect tourists by visiting museums. And what more interesting than going to the Helmut Newton Foundation? 

As we are really lucky, the current exhibition of the foundation is Polaroids, which is actually a wonderful point as I'm starting with my own one! 
The Foundation was amazingly beautiful and photos very expressive. Unfortunately, pictures were forbidden during the exhibition , we can only advise about the "must see" during the exhibition: 

-The Polaroid collection (with "Newton" written on it, so cool!)

- The Newtonmobile, created in 2001, base on a Mistubishi model.
- Louboutin for Helmut Newton, a pair of classy black heels.

We looked for the pictures taken on the year of our birth. I had many but Beny and Julia had some hard time finding their! 
Such a great time. 


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