Day 3

Sorry Sorry for being so late at posting,as we said it on twitter our internet broke and we were like "WTF". So we went out and spent a nice day-next post- and when we came back,so was the internet = MIRACLE (or not.)
Whatever, yesterday we went to see the Helmut museum of photography,but the post about this will come later,unfortunately.Anyway yesterday night we went straight to the Spindler & Klatt , where we had a reservation. We spent almost a hour to find this place as told us the waiter it's an "exclusive" place,like "something secret" where some big parties can be done or private parties,this is why it is so hard to find. But we spent a good evening there. It's a Bar/Restaurant/Club at the same time.

There were so many people outside and just a few inside.And once outside,the rain said "Welcome" to us!

And  Thanks God Taxi Exist

Actually we didn't know where we were going,and we end up at AlexanderPlatz where we met a very nice couple from UK,exactly from the same city where Beny is going to study next year! And we all stopped at the Play Lounge as we had nothing to do.

And then we went straight to BED! Yeah not a big night but def the sweetest and funniest!


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